As the world watches in horror, Australians throughout our beautiful country continue to hold their breath as the bush fires continue to burn out of control across most states.

Australia is the home of the Original and Trusted Dermapen. All of the DermapenWorld team sincerely wish to thank everyone for the concerned messages and support we have received from our friends around the globe. Fortunately, we are all safe, but the devastation has affected all of us in some way or another, with many of us with family or friends still on high alert to evacuate or have already lost homes, livestock or cars.

There are currently over 200 fires burning across Australia and they have scorched over 50,000 square kilometers of land. The number of homes lost is still unknown but is expected to be over 2,000 and the number of outbuildings lost could total over 5,000. Tragically, the human losses are approaching 100 and the wildlife impact is immeasurable. Some reports suggest New South Wales may have lost over half its koala population.

Our DermapenWorld General Manager Scott Parkin has tirelessly volunteered throughout the past couple of weeks and stated; “In 26 years volunteering in the NSW Rural Fire Service never have we experienced such a volatile fire environment and extended firefighting campaign”. In some areas of New South Wales, fire incidents have been running for 5 months with the forecast for little significant rain in the short term.

Many Australians, such as sports legends, actors, comedians are digging deep to help our exhausted firefighting teams, support agencies and animal welfare efforts.

At DermapenWorld we would like to commit AU$100 from each myDermapen sold until the end of February 2020 (the Australian Summer). Our extended DermapenWorld family will also be helping out – as every Authorised Distributor order over US$2,000 received from now till the end of February will contribute AU$300 to our charity fund.

We wish to thank everyone for their continued support.